Last night the three-member Milton Zoning Board of Appeals upheld the scenic value and integrity of the Blue Hills by voting to oppose the construction of a 140-foot cell tower on the off-ramp to Route 93 at Houghton’s Pond. The Friends of the Blue Hills would like to thank the members of the Committee for their vote and for valuing the historic and natural beauty of the Reservation. In explaining her vote against the tower, ZBA member, Virginia Donahue King, argued that “the Blue Hills should be protected as the jewel that it is.” Zoning Board of Appeals Chair John Leonard noted that concerns by the neighbors and the damage to the scenic value of the Blue Hills largely outweighed the need stated for the cell tower: to avoid a very small percentage of dropped cell phone calls.

We also thank Senator Brian A. Joyce for working to protect the interests of the Blue Hills in this process, should the cell tower have been approved. Senator Joyce worked to ensure that a portion of the revenue from the tower would be directed back to benefit the Blue Hills Reservation.

The scenic beauty of the Blue Hills Reservation will be around for generations to enjoy, thanks to the good judgment and good decision of ZBA members.