Three One-hour Hikes
You Won’t Want to Miss

No matter how much time you have, we hope you make time to enjoy the Blue Hills.  Here are some great hikes that you can enjoy in about an hour.  Not everyone hikes at the same pace, so if you’re new to hiking or prefer to hike at a leisurely pace, you might want to leave some extra time.

One Hour Hike with a Climb

Many of our members say that their favorite hike is to walk up the Skyline Trail to Tucker Hill starting from the trailhead across the road from Reservation Headquarters at 2054.  You can climb Tucker Hill and keep going for half and hour and turn around for a challenging one-hour hike.

One Hour Hike with a Water View

Not everyone knows about Ponkapoag Pond, but it’s one of the gems of the Reservation.  Park at Fisherman’s Beach (marker 5321 found at the southern-most end of the pond) and follow the green dot trail around the pond.  This is mostly a flat trail with wooded trails and views of the pond.

One Hour Hike Through Quiet Woods

For a great hike through quiet woods, park at Shea Rink (651 Willard St, Quincy).  Find the trailhead at the south side of the parking lot (on the far side of the rink).  Follow the green dot trail to the right, passing through St Moritiz Pond, with the water on both sides of you.  Keep following the green dot trails when it splits off from the blue dots at the road.  Follow the green dot trail around for a 3.5 mile loop.  If you’re running short on time, you can shorten the loop by taking a left at 4142 and following this trail until it hits the green dot trail again at 4120.  Take another left and head back toward Shea Rink.