The foundation for all of our effort is based on our shared love for the Blue Hills Reservation, and our concern about maintaining healthy forests, beautiful views and wonderful opportunities for visitors today and for generations to come.

We have articulated our core values as follows:

We value an ecologically healthy Blue Hills Reservation.   We want generations to enjoy its healthy forests and waterways, its natural vistas and its open and easy access.

We further refined our values as follows:

Our primary values:

  • We value healthy, natural ecology.
  • We value the entire Reservation as a gift to us and to future generations.

Our secondary values:

  • We value visitors’ ability to enjoy the natural beauty and striking natural vistas of the Reservation.
  • We value open and easy access to the Reservation.
  • We value passive and active recreation and the infrastructure to support these activities.

Our shared vision reflects these values:

Current and future generations will enjoy, value, and preserve the Blue Hills Reservation.  The Reservation’s diverse, healthy ecosystems will intrigue visitors, its scenic vistas will provide serenity, its well-maintained infrastructure will allow for easy access.  Visitors will explore the Reservation, feel a sense of ownership of our natural inheritance and be willing to work to protect it.