40th Anniversary Blue Hills: Photo Contest Voting

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Photo credit: Cyndi Bonani (Roslindale)


At Houghton’s Pond, near the parking lot on Blue Hill River Road.

Houghton’s Pond, on the opposite side of the “beach” area.

Starting at the meuseum ready for the top

Ending the day with a campfire at Camp Sayre Scout Reservation in Milton

Between route 28 and the police station

Blue Hills Reservation, Quincy

This photo was taken at the Brookwood Community Farm.

Almost at the top of the trail to big blue

Red trail near Houghton’s Pond

Skyline trail near State Police

Boardwalk at Ponkapoag

This eastern screech owl is a permanent guest of the Mass Audubon Blue Hills Trailside Museum. These owls can be found throughout the area. His feathering helps him and similar owls blend with their environment. Here, this owl is perched

Pipe Line Looking From Smith Trail

Some of us are smiling for the camera. Others are looking for squirrels.

Poop bag dropped along trail with fly in the translucence.

Great to see these ladies out for a ride. Brings back memories of my youth renting horses at the stable.

Icy conditions near Great Blue Hill

Exploring the Abigail Adams Trail with the littles

Taken at Quincy Quarries the night of the super snow moon

Barns/greenhouse at Brookwood Farms in summer

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, Randolph Ave

Frannie waiting patiently for her human on the steep Skyline Trail at Hemmenway Hill.

Ponkapoag Pond trail

Fall color in trees in parking lot of houghtons pond.

Looking southward from top of observatory tower.

Taken at Houghton’s Pond 3/4/19.

Walking around the pond.

This was taken near the skyline trail! A photo of the beautiful fall colors in film.

Coolest thing I’ve seen. This fuzzy, dissolvable bacteria in the streams turned the water orange

Favorite tree at ponkapoag pond