Would you like to give back to the Blue Hills — on your own time — when you walk in the woods?  You can join a group of volunteers who survey bio-pollution (read dog waste) in the park.  We call them the Poo-lution Solution Team!

While most people properly dispose of their dog’s waste, the waste on the trail (whether or not it’s in bags) leach into the soil and contaminate the ground water and degrade the habitat.  (Learn more about the environmental and health effects.)

Do you want to learn more about using an app on your phone to survey? Fill out the form below or email us at: info@friendsofthebluehills.org.

The data you collect will help evaluate the effectiveness of a communications campaign that we developed in partnership with the Friends of the Fells and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  The communications campaign encourages people to ‘Be Kind’ to others in the park in many ways — taking care of pets.

Below the form, you can see a summary the data volunteers have collected comparing 2022 with 2023. We’re speculating that perhaps the wet, muggy weather kept people (and their dogs) away from the park in July which resulted in less waste?  Or maybe the rain washed it away?  What do you think?

From the data, we see the numbers increase in the warm months …. which is now!

Once you download the app, you can survey whenever you walk in the park — on whatever trail your feet take you!

We can see in the most recent months that we have few records in addition to our four study sites and we really need our volunteers to get out in the Park so we can continue to record data and educate the public about this serious issue.