A Texas-based company was given preliminary approval this month to move forward on a 276-unit housing development near the part of the Blue Hills called Fowl Meadow.  Despite letters submitted by the Friends of the Blue Hills and others opposing the project, the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (Mass Housing) deemed the project ‘generally eligible’ for the housing development and the site is ‘generally appropriate’ for the project.  In this stage of the approval process, Mass Housing could only consider a limited set of criteria.  The agency does acknowledge the concerns raised by the community and directs the company to address a number of issues before the project is given Final Approval.  Among those issues the developer needs to address, include those related to protecting Fowl Meadow’s wetland and the wildlife that live there.

Despite the setback, the Friends of the Blue Hills will continue to work with the community and legislators to protect Fowl Meadow’s sensitive habitat from this development.

More information on development in Fowl Meadow.

Link to Milton Mews Project Eligibility Letter 10.13.


Photo credit: Jim Lafond Lewis