In response to advocacy by Quarry Hills Citizen Advocates, and with the help of Councilor-At-Large Ann Mahoney, the Mass. Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has organized a public hearing regarding proposed improvements to the Willard St- Ricciuti Drive Intersection. You can register for the MassDOT public hearing here.  See details from QHCA, below.

Information from Quarry Hills Citizen Advocates

WHAT: MassDOT is hosting a virtual public meeting on a proposed redesign of the of Willard St- Ricciuti Drive Intersection

WHEN: Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 6 PM


In response to advocacy by the Quarry Hills Citizen Advocates, and with the help of Councilor-At-Large Ann Mahoney, the state MASSDOT will be holding a virtual hearing on conceptual safety improvements at the Ricciuti Drive / Willard Street Intersection at the entry to Quarry Hills.

According to several state representatives, this intersection is the 5th most dangerous intersection in Massachusetts! Earlier efforts to address this dangerous intersection have gone nowhere.

Now that there is a proposed 99-year lease of the Quincy’s Quarry Hills property to the operators of Granite Links, the improvement project at this intersection is finally receiving much needed attention. Although this is a good first step, QHCA has repeatedly requested, and were told that in-person public hearings would be scheduled to facilitate residents’ participation in this review process. MASSDOT is only providing this one virtual hearing on the issue.

QHCA is concerned that the redesign will be used to promote more development at the Quarry Hills site and that it will address only traffic issues, but not improved resident pedestrian and bike access to Quarry Hills for future generations.

The virtual hearing may be your only opportunity to weigh in on proposed improvements to this dangerous intersection to ensure that the needs of everyone who has a stake in this redesign are addressed.


  1. Register for this important virtual public hearing and join if you are available.
  2. Request that Councillors provide additional in-person public hearing(s) in addition to this virtual hearing to encourage robust community engagement on this important issue. (Consider emailing the Councillors TODAY. Suggested content and contacts are available below the signature line.)


Suggested email letter – feel free to add your own thoughts to this:
Dear Councillors:
On August 29th, MassDot will be holding a virtual hearing on the potential conceptual safety improvements to the dangerous Ricciuti Drive/ Willard Street intersection that is at the entrance to Quarry Hills. 
Although I believe this virtual hearing is a good first step, in-person public hearings would be better in order to facilitate residents participation in this review process. 
I respectfully request that additional in-person public hearings be scheduled to allow for enhanced community engagement on this important topic.
Kindly, acknowledge receipt of this request and follow-up on my behalf on this issue.