Head to the Blue Hills for the Best Rock Climbing Near Boston

People who like rock climbing near Boston usually know a part of the Blue Hills few others have ever visited.  But Quincy Quarries is not just for those looking for rock climbing near Boston.  In the northwestern portion of the Blue Hills lies a place filled with history and industry in addition to great rock climbing near Boston.

Those looking for rock climbing near Boston might not know that Quincy Quarries were in operation from about 1826 until 1963.  So high was the quality of granite, Boston designer Solomon Willard searched quarries throughout New England and chose granite from Quincy Quarries to build the Bunker Hill Monument.  The granite was also used to build King’s Chapel the Custom House, Merchants Exchange Building and the old court house and City Hall Boston. First Church in Quincy, where the Adams presidents are buried is also made of Quincy granite.(1)

Those who are rock climbing near Boston might not know that this is also the site of the first commercial railroad in America, which was opened in 1826 to carry granite  to the Neponset River two and one quarter miles away.  Whether you’re rock climbing near Boston or taking in the striking views of Quincy Quarries, you can still visit the remains of the original railroad.  The railroad, designed by Gridley Bryant, was designed for horses to pull the cargo instead of steam engines.(2)

Quincy Quarries ceased operation in 1963 and was then were discovered by those interested in rock climbing near Boston.   Twenty years later, in 1985 the state purchased 22 acres of the site.(3) When the quarries filled in with rainwater, the state used Big Dig dirt to fill in what had become hazardous lakes with high cliffs that dare-devils tempted fate by jumping into the waters.  With open areas for picnicking, beautiful views and fun rock scrambling on rocks decorated with colorful graffiti, even if you’re not interested in rock climbing near Boston, you’ll discover the secret beauty of this site.  If you’re driving for rock climbing near Boston or to take in the views, you’ll find Quincy Quarries is easily accessible from local highways and offers an easy day trip for walking or rock climbing near Boston.

Today those seeking rock climbing near Boston congregate at the site to enjoy a variety of routes. The website RockClimbing.com (http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/North_America/United_States/Massachusetts/Greater_Boston/Quincy_Quarries/) provides information on a number of opportunities for those brave enough to venture onto the rocks primarily top roping with some bouldering.

Directions to rock climbing near Boston from I-93 Southbound:

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Directions to rock climbing near Boston From I-93 Northbound:

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As with all activities, rock climbing near Boston or anywhere entails risks, including the risk of death.  Be sure that you are familiar with your equipment, trained in its use, and sufficiently skilled to climb a specific route before heading out whether you’re rock climbing near Boston or elsewhere.

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