Posted April 2002 ; Updated January 2010

FBH is closely following the progress for the planned reconstruction of the Route 95/128 bridge over the Neponset River by the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD). MHD recently submitted a Notice of Project Change as part of the environmental process for the Add-A-Lane Project that will pave over the median strip from Route 9 in Wellesley to Route 24 in Randolph and add two new travel lanes. On March 26, 2002, FBH submitted comments on the changes.

We are happy to report that all of our requests have been well received by MEPA, the state agency that oversees the process. The environmental agency agreed with all of our comments and requests and incorporated them in the certificate that they issued to MHD allowing them to proceed with the project. The FBH comments focused on the proposed wildlife passageway under the bridge. The concerns are that there be enough headroom under the bridge for users of the reservation, and that the passageway be connected by new trails to existing reservation trails. Another concern was that the old bridge piers scheduled to be removed would be demolished all the way to the riverbed leaving no dangerous and unsightly remnants.

Update January, 2010 — The Route 95/128 bridge reconstruction over the Neponset River has been completed with a wildlife passageway on the east bank of the river. FBH is working to more formally connect the wildlife passageway with trails on either side of the highway.