The Skyline trail is a favorite among many hikers, stretching from one end to the other in the Blue Hills Reservation. To hike this trail from end-to-end means crossing some high traffic roads that can be dangerous—particularly Routes 28 and 138. In this week’s episode of “Blue Hills A-Live,” Canton Selectman Mark Porter reveals some of the challenges and potential solutions to these dangerous crossings.

Mark Porter discusses the challenges of making the Skyline safer.  (Read about the challenges or watch to the video above!)

The great news is that thanks to all your advocacy and working with the Town of Canton, there are plans to make crossing Route 138 safer!  It’s still in the study phase.  Learn about ways to make the Skyline safer. 

How can YOU help?

While it is great news that there are plans to improve crossing Route 138, we still need to make sure the project is completed!  You can help make sure we have safer crossing at Route 138 — and help create a better crossing for Route 28 as well!

Sign the petition to make crossing Routes 138 and 28 safer!