What do you like to do best in the Blue Hills?

Definitely hiking – the family has hiked in the Blue Hills in all times of the year, New Years Day hikes, mid summers eve hikes, the Skyline Trail as our warm up for our annual Mt Washington hike.

How long have you been visiting the Blue Hills?

I moved to Boston in 1974 and would come the Blue Hills occasionally, then in 1989 my wife and I moved to Quincy and we started walking and horseback riding (from St. Moritz, now gone), in the Blue Hills. Our two sons have grown up wandering and adventuring in the Blue Hills, even working on the Ski Patrol.

Can you describe what you were doing or thinking when you took the photo?

It had snowed lightly the night before and dawn was just breaking when I took the camera out to see what I might be able to capture. Winter dawns can be breath-takingly beautiful. I was looking to capture that unique beauty. I was the first one up and out but as I was heading back I passed a few others with cameras in hand.

What would you like people to see or feel when they look at your photo?

An uncommon sense of beauty and serenity.

Steve Gilligan Milton Solstice Silence