Town: Milton

Volunteer activities: Staffing the Friends of the Blue Hills info table at community events, advocacy

FBH member since: 2009

Favorite Hike: A 45-min.-loop that takes me over the top of Hemenway Hill.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Walk with my family and our two dogs

Best day in the Blue Hills: Shortly after we moved to Milton from downtown Boston in the fall of 2009, my son, my aunt, and I left our house with a backpack filled with water, a container of gorp, and our map of the Blue Hills and hiked up Blue Hill to the Weather Observatory. We had a tour of the weather tower where my son was fascinated by the meteorological tools. It was one of those surprisingly warm and clear November days, and we felt like the luckiest people alive to have the both the time and freedom to explore the woods that day.

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: On a very blustery day last fall, I helped for a couple of hours at the FBH booth at the Boy Scouts’ Pumpkin Festival at Camp Sayre. I enjoyed meeting many young scouts, their siblings, and their parents, and enjoyed participating in the booth project which was making little animals out of duct tape and plastic grocery bags. It was a hoot!