Name: Pete Tierney
Town: West Roxbury
Volunteer activities: Trail work
FBH member since: 2011 (I should have joined way before)
Favorite Hike: Skyline, although as I explore the many other areas of the Blue Hills I am adding a lot of “favorites.”
Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: I like to hike.  It’s a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress.  It beats any gym.
Most Interesting thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  I like talking to the people that I meet on the trail—ranging from families taking their first hike with the kids to the guy that I met who was training to climb Vinson Massif (the highest mountain in Antarctica).
Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: I like the trail work and the hikes. I also like to sample the beer from the Blue Hills Brewery that appears at the fund-raisers.