Protecting Wetlands in Fowl Meadow from Development

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A private company has proposed building 276 housing units right next to the portion of the Blue Hills called Fowl Meadow on Brush Hill Road in Milton.  The five-story buildings are proposed on what the state calls an “Area of Critical Environmental Concern.”  We call this forested land ‘critical’ because the plants and animals of Fowl Meadow’s wetland depend on this area for food and habitat.  Plus the higher land filters the water the runs down to the wetlands and Neponset River.  When the existing forest is bulldozed to create 276 housing units and forested land is leveled to create parking, the wetland animals and plants will suffer.  Both the food and homes will be destroyed, but the water supply will also become contaminated.

Unfortunately, in October 2013, Mass Housing has given preliminary approval to the project, but the Friends of the Blue Hills continues to work with stakeholders to protect Fowl Meadow.  (See the Milton Mews Project Eligibility Letter 10.13 written by Mass Housing granting preliminary approval.)

Despite this preliminary setback, we continue to work with the community, legislators and decision makers to help protect Fowl Meadow. Here’s a recent article on bills introduced to protect Fowl Meadow.  Many thanks to the leaders in the legislature for introducing and co-sponsoring bills, including: Walter F. Timilty, Rep. Galvin of Canton, Rep. Kafka of Stoughton, and Rep. Ayers of Quincy, Rep. Nyman of Hanover, Rep. Rogers of Norwood and Rep. Cronin of Easton.  Thanks also to Senator Brian A Joyce of Milton for his continued advocacy on this issue.

We had some great news this spring (April 2014), when an FBH Board member and others found a rare salamander on site.  Learn more about salamanders near this development.


3 Responses to “Protecting Wetlands in Fowl Meadow from Development”

  1. Christiane Wallace says:

    I am apalled by the proposed housing project and would like to contact relevant people about this.

  2. Christiane Wallace says:

    I am apalled at the proposed construction and would like information on who to contact.

    • Christiane, Thanks so much for supporting the Blue Hills! It would be very helpful if you could write a personalized letter and send it to your legislators, asking them to contact the chairs of the Natural Resource Committee to give the bills a favorable report out of the Committee. We have sample language for a letter here. You can find out who your legislator is here.

      Thanks again. Let us know how it goes!

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