As you travel the Blue Hills’ trails, you pass through over 7,000 acres that serve as vital habitat for a multitude of wildlife.  The habitat that wildlife depend on, however, is degraded by invasive species.  Invasive plants, like mile-a-minute vine, grow quickly and outcompete native plants for sun and nutrients.

People like you can help control invasives — and protect valuable habitat — by signing up for the Adopt-a-Forest initiative.  When you sign up as a Forest Adopter, you’ll be trained to identify and remove one or more invasive species in a particular part of the park.  In the fall of 2023, you have an opportunity to ‘adopt’ a portion of the forest along Burma Road in the Fowl Meadow section of the park in Milton.  You can also adopt a portion of the forest in the Blue Hills called Farnham-Connolly Park in Canton.

When you ‘adopt’ a portion of the forest, you will remove one or more invasive species in that area and protect the habitat for wildlife.  See the Adopt-a-Forest Guidelines to learn more.

Don’t worry if you can’t identify plants… you’ll learn and will have a plant-buddy to support you!

To sign up for the training below, click on the date that works for you.  You’ll need to take a few minutes to create an account to sign up for the event.  Can’t make the date?  Just leave a comment below and we’ll contact you about future trainings!

For both trainings, park at the Fowl Meadow parking lot, 1339 Brush Hill Rd, Milton.

Many thanks to the Mary May Binney Arboretum for partnering with us on this initiative.