Three Easy Hikes in the Blue Hills

Sure, you can take the Skyline Trail for challenging climbs, but the Blue Hills also offers easy hikes that everyone can enjoy.  Since easy hikes could be short or long, we’ve given a couple options for length.  To learn more about how to explore the Blue Hills, download the free Blue Hills Guide.

1  – Go Green from the Trailside

You’ll enjoy quiet woods on this easy hike from the Trailside Museum.
Park at the Trailside Museum north parking lot, 1904 Canton Ave, Milton, From trail marker 1033, follow the green dots as they lead you down Wolcott Path.  Take a left at trail marker 1085 to hike down Border Path.  Take the left at marker 1135 down Fiver Corner’s Path.  Don’t miss the right turn at 1120.  Follow the green dots as they lead you past marker 1092 and down Puddle Path at 1103.    About 2.5 miles.

2 – Flat Trail with Flowers… Fowl Meadow Walk

While you can enjoy this easy hike all year long, in the spring and summer, you’ll also find plenty of wildflowers in Fowl Meadow.  You might want to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes if you hike Fowl Meadow in the mid- or late-summer.  To protect endangered species, grasses are not cut until the fall.

Park at the corner of Neponset Valley Parkway and Brush Hill Road, Milton.  Look to your left to find the trailhead for the trail called Burma Road.  This is not a loop trail.  If you walk to trail marker 6005 where you’ll cross Fowl Meadow Path and turn around, you will hike about 2 miles round trip.  Enjoy the wetlands on either side of you and listen for the many birds that make this home.  In spring and fall, this is a favorite stomping ground for many migratory birds.  About 2 miles.  (More about birding in the Blue Hills.)

3 – Easy with Water View

For an easy one-mile hike with picturesque views of Houghton’s Pond, park at Houghton’s Pond main parking lot, 840 Hillside St, Milton.  Walk past the playground and towards the pond, and when you pass the beach on your right, look for the yellow dots.  Follow the yellow markers around for an easy hike around the lake.  About 1 mile.