Introducing… Meditation in Motion
August 13, Noon on Zoom (Sign up below)

Tired of being cooped up?  Want to learn something new?  Then join us to experience Qigong (Qi pronounced ‘chee’ – like ‘Chee-tos’), a part of the traditional Chinese medicine that dates back over 3,000 years, and combines breathing, movement and meditation.  In this 40-minute session, you’ll learn to integrate physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and focused intentions.  The session will be led by Paula Reardon-Webster, a Certified Evidence-Based Instructor from the Center for Taiji Studies.  Paula says that when you practice Qigong correctly, you will experience gains in health, strength and energy.  Certainly worth a try!  Register for the Zoom link below.

Photo by Nolan Whitehead (Newton).  And don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do handstands!