We hope you can join us for some engaging winter family programs! Winter’s chill creates its own challenges in the forest, with the plants and animals responding in unique ways. Explore the Blue Hills with us in these online offerings!

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Seeds, Cones and Berries
Monday, November 23, 4:00 pm

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Fall is a wonderful time to be outdoors exploring nature. As leaves drop from the trees, we get a chance to discover more of the details of the plant life of the Blue Hills. It also becomes easier to identify some plants, as they have distinctive fruits and seeds. In our Seeds, Cones and Berries program, we’ll explore some of the more common fruits and nuts we see in the woods and learn about their important role in keeping the forest healthy.

Tuesday, December 15, 4:00 pm

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Why do some trees drop their leaves while others stay green year round? From the tiny to the tall, we’ll explore the evergreens of the Blue Hills. What adaptations do they have that help them survive winter’s chill? Do they ever drop their leaves? Join us to find out!

Birds of Winter
Wednesday, January 20, 4:00 pm

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Birds appear to be such delicate creatures. Yet, some species live in the northern parts of our country all year. Why do some birds migrate and others stay in the same habitat year round? We’ll discuss the habits and adaptations of birds and give you some tips to make your yard a winter oasis for the birds!


Winter Survival!
Thursday, February 18, 4:00 pm

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Winter can be a time of scarcity. Many animals face the challenges of reduced food, limited water and exposure to the cold. We’ll explore the adaptations of mammals, birds and insects that allow them to survive nature’s most trying time.