My name is Sal Spada, and I am an Eagle Scout Candidate in Troop 1 Dedham. As a Boy Scout, I have been hiking in the Blue Hills area for well over a decade, primarily from the Trailside Museum to the Quarries. However, on a Friends of the Blue Hills trail maintenance day, I was brought into contact with many people with a vested interest in maintaining accessibility to all of the trails in the Blue Hills area. Caleb Blankenship introduced me to the Fowl Meadow area, where he showed me different areas in need of maintenance. As I was beginning to plan my Eagle Project as a member of Troop 1 in Dedham, I spent the next year researching this area throughout different seasons to identify work that needed to be done. If you haven’t hiked in the Fowl Meadow area before, it is challenging during the spring time due to its close proximity to the Neponset River, making it a very marshy area. However, this area offers some of the most private, and secluded sections of hiking in the Blue Hills, full of wildlife, and foliage unique to the Blue Hills.

For my Eagle Project, I have decided to build a new bog bridge on a section of trail near marker 6005. My decision for this project was finalized on a hike in April, 2015. Beginning my hike on the Burma Path, most was passible, but relatively wet. When I hit the junction of marker 6005, and Burma Path, I had to wade through three feet of water in order to cross the trail. The bog bridge that has been designed will allow hikers to traverse this entire trail without having to get wet. This bridge will increase the utilization of this area by allowing hikers to access the trails in all seasons.

In order to fund this project, I am seeking donations. The project budget is approximately $300 for new materials. In many cases, the cost has been offset by reusing materials such as granite blocks which will be used as a base. Please consider a donation to the project by visiting my Gofundme page at FowlMeadowBogBridge.  All donations will go directly to the DCR.


Thank you in advance for all of your support.