Please help support funding for the Blue Hills Trailside Museum.

The House and Senate Conference is debating the budget this week to reconcile the House and Senate budget proposals.  The House budget proposal includes language that allows the state to provide $425,000 to Trailside, but does not necessarily require the state to provide any funding.  The Senate budget, however, includes language that directs the state to provide $750,000 in funding to the Trailside Museum.

Please contact the members of the Conference Committee.  Let them know how important the Trailside Museum is to you and ask them to include the Senate’s proposed funding in the final budget.

The conferees include:

Senator Stephen M. Brewer (, 617-722-1540)

Senator Jennifer L. Flannagan (, 617-722-1230)

Senator Michael R. Knapick (, 617-722-1415)

Representative Brian S. Dempsey (, 617-722-2990)

Representative Stephen Kulik (, 617-722-2380)

Representative Viriato Manuel deMacedo (, 617-722-2100)

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of the Trailside Museum and the Blue Hills!

Photo by Tiffany Mohamed, Canton (Snowy Owl at Trailside Museum)