Close your eyes…Imagine hiking through scrub oak, pitch pine, blueberry shrubs, and 100-year old white pines. You top out on the summit of a prehistoric volcano, and you are rewarded with spectacular views of lush green hills, glacial ponds, ancient wetlands, and Boston’s Back Bay.

Maybe you hear the call of an indigo bunting, one of more than 160 bird species who make their home in the park; or you catch a glimpse of a blue spotted salamander, one of thirteen endangered or threatened species in Massachusetts whose fragile habitat is being preserved and protected. 

Seems improbable that a wild place like the Blue Hills Reservation could thrive less than 20 miles from downtown Boston, yet every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy the 7,000 acres and 125 miles of wild beauty. In the last three years that number has grown exponentially with more people than ever seeking inspiring and safe outdoor space in which to spend time with loved ones for health, peace, and healing.

As a result of this increased usage, the Friends of the Blue Hills as an organization needs to grow and strengthen so it can advocate for the park for future generations.

The Friends of the Blue Hills is looking for people like you who love the Blue Hills to join its Board of Directors.

This is an incredible opportunity for people who care deeply about preserving our natural spaces and who want to turn that care into action.

About the Friends of the Blue Hills: The Friends of the Blue Hills (the Friends) is a 1,000+ member non-profit organization devoted to preserving and protecting the Blue Hills Reservation’s natural beauty, diverse habitats, and recreational opportunities.  Formed in the mid-1970’s by a group of forward-thinking conservationists that recognized the vulnerability of the reservation. For over 40 years, the Friends has engaged the public in activities that protect the park by preventing encroachments, increasing park resources, and improving park management. 

Are you a courageous advocate for conservation and protecting open spaces for future generations! Learn more about Board membership.


Interested in learning more?  Please reach out: 

Board President, Matt Panucci at and
Executive Director, Judy Lehrer-Jacobs at

Photo: Majid Ali