Friends of the Blue Hills Members like Farley Sullivan are key to helping to care for the Blue Hills Reservation.  When you join the Friends of the Blue Hills as a member, you help care for the trails and forests that you love!  Why not join Farley, and over 1,400 other people who value the Blue Hills, and become a member today! 

Meet Farley, a Friends’ member and volunteer, and fan of the Blue Hills!

Q: Why do you volunteer with the Friends, and why are you also a member?

Farley: I started getting involved with Friends of the Blue Hills just after the pandemic started, probably like a lot of people. I moved to Milton right before the pandemic, and I was lucky enough to have the Blue Hills basically in my front yard. I took advantage of it often and I wanted to give back. The Friends is an incredible organization that do a lot to keep this park going. A lot of behind the scenes, a lot of maintenance, the trail fairies that keep these paths clear. I’ve also been on some trail maintenance crews and it’s great to be able to give back and keep this park open and enjoyable for everybody. 

Q: What do you like best about volunteering?

Farley: I like meeting the other volunteers, learning about why they got involved with the Blue Hills. Everyone has a different reason and it’s really neat that this place can bring so many different types of people together. We all get to enjoy it together. I really like learning about this place too. The flora, the fauna, the rock formations. It’s a place to learn. 

Q: What do you find meaningful about being a volunteer and a member? 

Farley: I like being able to give back. Whether that’s with my time or a financial donation. I think it’s important to appreciate this incredible resource, 7,000 acres right outside of Boston. It needs to be protected and maintained and appreciated.