Please write to City of Quincy Ordinance Committee, David McCarthy, and City Council President, Noel Dibona, to urge them to hold a public hearing on the Quarry Hills Associates lease renewal.

Why is the lease renewal important?

Quarry Hills Associates (QHA) runs the Granite Links golf course abutting the historic Quincy Quarries and eastern end of the Blue Hills. In 1997, as part of the environmental review and agreement QHA made with the state to lease this public land from the City of Quincy, QHA was required to provide a public benefit: a walking path through the property to give people access from the north to the Reservation’s Great Dome and Sawcut Notch Paths.

Approval for the trail has been inconsistence.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection reaffirmed this requirement in 2005, the Quarry Hills Associates.  Read the bottom of page 18 to see the passage of the Finding related to the trails. Later, the DEP told QHA that it could build the trail in a location that did not connect directly to the Reservation at Great Dome, which essentially continues to block access to the park.

The lease from the City of Quincy is up for renewal – and here’s where you come in.

The lease negotiations were just referred to the City of Quincy Ordinance Committee. The Ordinance Committee is not required to hold a public hearing, so they might not even consider requiring a footpath in the new lease.

That would mean that the QHA would never build the paths, and that access to the Reservation from the north and Cunningham Park in Milton would be prevented forever.

What can you do?

Please write an email to the chair of the City of Quincy Ordinance Committee, David McCarthy, and President Noel Dibona,, to urge them to hold a public hearing on the lease renewal of Quarry Hills Associates.

And when if the Committee agrees to a hearing, please attend (and bring your friends!), to tell them why access to the Blue Hills is so important.

Sample email

Please send your email to Chair David McCarthy at and Noel DiBona at (be sure to sign with your name and address – and please cc

Dear Chair McCarthy and President DiBona,

I would like to urge you to schedule a public hearing to give the public an opportunity to comment on the terms of the Quarry Hills Associates lease renewal.
I hike the Blue Hills frequently and know what a valuable resource it is for our community.

[add a personal comment about what the Blue Hills means to you.]

A trail to the Reservation through the city land leased to Quarry Hills Associates would benefit Quincy residents, and other park users. 

Please allow the public to weigh in on how important these footpaths are to the community, and the importance for the new lease to include a requirement that QHA build the paths.

Thank you for considering allowing public input on this important issue.

Please circulate this letter to other city council members.