The Ponkapoag Trail is a scenic route with beautiful views of the pond.  A great trail if you’re looking for a long, peaceful, and scenic walk.  Be aware of your surroundings as hikers, bicyclers, and horses frequent the trail. The trail that loops around the entirety of the pond is just under four miles long. This trail passes Fisherman’s Beach, which is a great location for a day out with your family.

Though not as well-known, Ponkapoag Pond is larger than Houghton’s Pond and at 200 acres, it is an ideal spot for fishing and non-motorized boating.

A quarter of Ponkapoag Pond’s surface is underground since its entire northwest corner is covered by an uncommon wetland plant community known as a bog mat – a buoyant layer of vegetation that spreads out from the shoreline.  Eventually, it becomes thick enough to support an extensive cedar forest.  When the boardwalk is fully repaired, visitors can walk out to view the entire pond via a boardwalk, a string of anchored planks extending a fifth of a mile from dry land to open water


Ponkapoag Golf Course, 2167 Washington Street, Canton,

The stub off Exit 3 on Route 93 (trail marker 5322) Usually when you exit from Route 93, you would head north on Blue Hill River Road towards Houghton’s Pond.  But if you turn south, you’ll run into a gate.  There are a few parking spaces on the side of the road before the gate.  (You cannot block the gate itself.)  This is the parking that’s closest to Ponkapoag bog

Fisherman’s Beach on Randolph Street, Canton (just east of 1060 Randolph St, Canton)