Thanks to the advocacy of Friends of the Blue Hills’ members and partners, the Quincy City Council held a public hearing and a public walking tour to learn more about the trails and increasing access to the Blue Hills.

As a result, Quarry Hills Associates has agreed to maintain the existing trail and provide wayfinding signage. That will benefit Quincy residents and park users today, but the City of Quincy is considering entering into a 99-year lease with Quarry Hills Associates.  To ensure that people can continue to enjoy well-maintained and well-marked signs, the lease needs to require it for the full term of the lease.

The current trail is not the original trail that was required in the late 1990s by the Department of Environmental Protection. The state agency changed the original requirements for a trail through the Granite Links Golf Course in the early 2000s, without informing or engaging the public.

While there is technically a trail that connects the Q Apartments to the Blue Hills, the current trail is not a functioning trail: people do not know about the trail, can’t follow it and can’t enjoy it without it being well maintained.

For the trail to be accessible to people today and in the future, the City Council needs to include requirements in the lease for on-going trail maintenance, wayfinding signage and publicity.

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Many thanks to everyone who emailed and called the City Councilors, and attended one of the public hearings.  You’re making a difference!

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