Stuart Dearborn Babb, 55, of Milton, passed away peacefully on February 9, 2021.

Stuart was an exceptionally kind man with a big heart and a deep love for bad dad jokes and playing pranks on his daughters. He loved all animals (except cats) but his heart belonged to Ben, the family dog. During his brief illness, the one thing Stu missed the most was long walks through Blue Hills with Ben; it’s where they did their best thinking.

Stu also treasured walking the Blue Hills with his girls. He loved the area around the historic Civilian Conservation Corps camp, which is tucked away in one of the lesser-known parts of the park. To recognize the special moments that they experienced in that spot, Stu’s wife, Trish Babb, Sponsored a Trail in his memory, designating the trail that leads to the CCC camp. He also loved the views from Buck Hill, and his family fondly remembers many a wet hike down Ponkapoag Boardwalk.

The truth is that he loved the entire park, including all the trails and views. “He wasn’t picky,” Trish explains. “He just loved being in the woods in all seasons. If he wasn’t throwing a stick for Ben, he would challenge us to throw rocks at specific notches on trees in the distance – he had annoyingly accurate aim – or see who could jump the highest or furthest.”

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Stu’s family and friends. We are honored that Stu’s family has designated the Friends of the Blue Hills as a charity worthy of honoring his memory.

To make a donation to the Friends in Stu’s memory, complete the form below and click on ‘in memory of,’ and include Stu’s name. We will let his family know of your gift and your wish to express sympathy for their loss.