Many thanks to all of you who contacted your state Senators to support the update of the Bottle Bill.  Thanks to you calls, emails and letters, this week the state Senate approved an amendment to the Senate budget that updates the Bottle Bill to include non-carbonated beverage containers.

We want to thank all the Senators — including South Shore Senators Joyce,  Hedlund and Keenan, Creem– who voted for this important legislation.

Thanks to the below update and action steps from our partner, the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

Next Steps

With approval by the Senate in hand, and with support for the update by a majority of Representatives in the House, we are excited about our prospects. With a majority of Representatives in favor of the Bottle Bill update, approval will largely depend on whether or not House Speaker Robert DeLeo and his leadership team support it.

In the last legislative session, the Senate approved the Bottle Bill update as an amendment to an economic development bill, only to have the amendment killed in a conference committee stacked with Bottle Bill opponents from the House.

What Can You Do?

Contact your state Representative and urge them to support the Bottle Bill update – and to specifically ask House Speaker Robert DeLeo to support it.It isn’t enough that your Rep. pledges support for the Bottle Bill in general – please ask your Rep. to commit to asking the Speaker to ensure the final budget includes approval of the Bottle Bill update.Quickly find your Representative’s contact information here.

To see the text of the Senate budget amendment to update the Bottle Bill, go here.
Photo credit: Ilani dalfonzo