Friends of the Blue Hills Volunteer Named as Finalist for Boston’s Cox Conserves Heroes Program… Please Vote for Caleb!

An extraordinary volunteer who does a tremendous amount for the Blue Hills, Caleb Blankenship, has been nominated as a finalist for this year’s Cox Conserves Hero. And if you vote for him, you will be helping to raise $5,000 for the Friends of the Blue Hills!

Vote Here for Caleb

(Caleb is the third finalist on the page: the button to vote is under his photo.)

WFXT Boston 25, in partnership with The Trust for Public Land, are recognizing volunteers who are creating, preserving or enhancing shared outdoor spaces. Finalists will all receive a $5,000 donation for their environmental nonprofits of choice and are now competing for an additional $5,000 – bringing the total award to $10,000 for the winner’s nonprofit of choice.

If you care about the Blue Hills… please vote for Caleb Blankenship! 

More on Caleb Blankenship…

Caleb is co-chair of Friends of the Blue Hills Trails Committee and helps the organization recruit, train and manage over 500 volunteers each year. His dedication to the Blue Hills trails is matched by his ability to work with everyone. Blankenship meets the concerns of the local conservation commissions so volunteers can maintain the trails while also ensuring that new trail volunteers are comfortable. He devotes hundreds of hours each year to scouting trails and identifying their needs. From clearing trails to removing invasive species to erosion mitigation, he is hands-on with multiple improvement projects. Blankenship also ensures that each project has adequate leaders to manage the events as well as completed paperwork, tools and donations. Vote for Caleb!