As you can see below, the Department of Conservation and Recreation has opened up the Ponkapoag Pond section of the Blue Hills to mountain biking.

Here’s the latest from the Department of Conservation and Recreation:

The Blue Hills Resource Management Plan was released in April 2011 following an extensive process of research, public meeting and review. As one of the high priority recommendations, DCR is moving forward on opening mountain bike access to the Ponkapoag Pond section of the park. The recommendation as listed on page ii of the Resource Management Plan reads:

“Open appropriate existing trails in the Ponkapoag section to mountain bike use, in accordance with the Trails Guidelines and Best Practices manual. Revisit the impacts of this recommendation on natural resources, golf course operations, trail user conflicts and public safety in the upcoming Trail System Plan”

DCR is planning to implement the three mountain bike trail opening recommendations in a three phase approach. Phase 1 for the fall 2011 biking season with additional review over the winter. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will include consideration of trails east of Route 24 (Ponkapoag East) and the West Street section also known as Ponkapoag Far East, respectively.

To that end, DCR is pleased to announce a trail opening for mountain bike access to the Ponkapoag section for Fall 2011 with a kick-off event at Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day scheduled on Sunday, October 2, 2011 from 10 am – 1 pm.

In addition, we are printing in house a Fall 2011 updated Blue Hills Mountain Bike brochure which will be available  starting October 2 at the park headquarters and the DCR web site.

The recommendation to reduce the winter trail closure for mountain biking has been changed from Jan 1 –April 15 to a trail closure from March 1 – March 31 as per the DCR Blue Hills Resource Management Plan.

DCR will be reviewing the mountain bike trail plan for Ponkapoag over the winter of 2012 with additional Phase 2 and Phase 3 openings considered for the Spring 2012. Stay tuned for more trail discussions. If you would like to discuss these changes with DCR, please email and