Quincy Quarries

The whole family will enjoy picnicking on the grass, surrounded by colorful graffiti-covered cliffs. Climbers scale these rocky faces, a reminder of when this area was a booming quarry. A couple times a year, the Appalachian Mountain Club holds climbing demonstrations with opportunities for all ages to don equipment and climb as far up as they dare. But this area is also great for hiking through lush wetlands and scrambling up rocky paths to check out great views of Boston.

Parking: Ricciuti Drive West in Quincy (Exit 8 off of Route 93)

Directions: By Car: Route 93 (Southwest Expressway) to Furnace Brook Parkway (Exit 8), follow signs to Willard Street. Take Ricciuti Drive at Mr. Tux. Quarries are 1/4 mile on the right.

Public Transportation: MBTA: Red Line to Quincy Center, take MBTA bus #215 to Copeland and Willard Streets, walk under the Expressway, and take the first right onto Ricciuti Drive. Quarries are 1/4 mile on the right.

Learn about rock climbing Quincy Quarries and the ecology and plants that grow in Quincy Quarries.