Slide Notch Path

Slide Notch Path is a fairly short trail amidst the maze of trails in the Chickatabut Overlook area. It intersects with the Yellow dot, Skyline and Bouncing Brook trails, allowing one to create different loop hikes in the area. The southern end of the trail has a hill that will get your heart pumping a bit.

In spring or early summer, look for the waterfall on Slide Notch Path. An FBH member writes, “The notch is reminiscent of large mountain topography years in the making. Its steep granite embankments guide you on your way either up or down.” Listen for the waterfall; it will be especially loud after a rain, and the trail will lead you close to it.

Park at Chicatawbut Overlook on Chickatawbut Road between Route 28 and Willard St.  Take the Yellow Dot Trail on the south side of the road to marker 3094.  Follow the Red Dot trails to the right.  You can make a loop by taking a left on 3073 and following the Red Dot trail around.