Donate in Your Will

Farley Sullivan joined the Skyline Society because she loves nature – and people.

Farley’s investment in the Blue Hills began during the pandemic, when she was selling the house she had owned for several years in Brookline and “doing some research” while preparing to move to Milton.

Farley explained, “During the pandemic, a lot of people increased their outdoor activity.” While noting that she “always understood the value of the environment and nature” upon moving, Farley realized “the treasure of having so much natural acreage outside my front door.”

As she began to hike more, started meeting other hikers who were members of the Friends of the Blue Hills. “I really fell in love with the Blue Hills and the people involved. The Friends volunteers are so inspiring.” Farley started maintaining the trails as a volunteer, then joined as a member.  The natural next step was to join the Skyline Society, a group of generous people who have remembered the Friends in their Will, or intend to when the update their Will.

Farley created a Will for the first time around the time of the 2020 elections before she traveled to Detroit to be an election monitor.  She understood the political climate at the time. “There was the pandemic, election chaos and gun violence in the country and it occurred to me that I could get killed at any time. Any of us could. I realized then that I should get myself a will. I mean, you can’t take it with you. I do not have any heirs but I was interested in the environment and in putting some environmental groups in my will.”  She said to herself, “I want to make sure we have this Reservation here for people in the future.”

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