Donate in Your Will

If you would like to create a legacy that lasts for generations… consider joining the Skyline Society.

What is the Skyline Society?  The Skyline Society is a select group of people who have included the Friends of the Blue Hills in their Wills or other estate plans. By joining them, you can extend your commitment to the Blue Hills Reservation far beyond your own lifetime.

How do I become a member of the Skyline Society? Anyone who notifies Friends of the Blue Hills that the Friends organization is named as the beneficiary of a gift through his or her Will, Trust, IRA, 401k, life insurance policy or other method is automatically enrolled as a member of the Skyline Society.

Do you have sample language for leaving a gift in my Will? Click for sample language that you can show your lawyer.

How can life insurance help the Blue Hills? Find out if helping the Blue Hills with a life insurance policy is right for you.

Learn more… Download a free copy of Frequently Asked Questions about the Skyline Society.

Contact Us… For more information, please call or email Judy Lehrer Jacobs at 781-828-1805 or

Skyline Society members look beyond the present, providing future resources to protect Blue Hills’ magnificent trails, streams, and vistas for all time and all generations.

Who is in the Skyline Society?  Meet a Skyline Society member

Erica Quigley is someone who cares about the Blue Hills and understands the threats it faces.

Farley Sullivan joined the Skyline Society because she loves nature – and people.

Denny and Win Swenson also joined the Skyline Society because they want to make sure the Blue Hills remains open and accessible for generations of people.

Bob Tamkin joined the Skyline Society because, he says, “like anything else of value in life, if it is not cared for and protected, we will lose it.”