Skyline Society Members: Win and Denny Swenson

Win and Denny included the Friends of the Blue Hills in their Will… so future generations will enjoy the Blue Hills like they do today.

Denny and Win Swenson love the Blue Hills and want to make sure it’s taken care of for years to come.  Denny Swenson grew up in Foxborough and learned to ski at the Blue Hills Ski Area. She remembers going to the Trailside Museum with her family and seeing the animals and exhibits. She says, “Nature and wildlife have been a part of my physical surroundings for as long as I can remember.” Win also appreciates how nature enriched his life growing up in New York City. He loved the view of the Hudson River and appreciated the land that people had put aside for parks, even in such an urban environment.

The Swensons now neighbor the Blue Hills. Win says, “We feel so fortunate to live near the Blue Hills with all the walking paths, the weather observatory, historical structures, rare species and archaeological resources all around us.”

Denny researched the deeds in her current neighborhood and discovered that people who lived before her had helped protect the Blue Hills and the surrounding area through gifts and other efforts.

The history here is full of wonderful people who came together with a love and respect for the nature that they lived in. I so appreciate the work that past generations have done to protect this land for me.  So here we are and I guess it’s our turn to do what we can to protect and preserve the Blue Hills for future generations.

Denny says, “We can all make a difference with big and small efforts.  If we all give what we can now and later, we will make a difference for future generations.”

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