Skyline Society Member: Erica Quigley

Erica joined the Skyline Society by including the Friends of the Blue Hills in her Will…

Erica Quigley is passionate about connecting people to the outdoors. After working as a teacher naturalist, she is currently a graduate student at the Boston Architectural College.  She plans to devote her career to designing spaces that help people connect with one another and the world around them.

Her enthusiasm for the natural world extends to the Blue Hills. She says she appreciates the Friends of the Blue Hills’ advocacy and volunteer service activities which “are filling gaps in the enormous job of keeping the reservation healthy and accessible.”

Erica feels so strongly about protecting the Blue Hills, she has joined the Skyline Society, the Friends of the Blue Hills’ program for honoring and thanking people who have included the Friends of the Blue Hills in their Will.

As a young adult with a busy life ahead of her, Erica wants to make sure that she doesn’t lose sight of how important the Blue Hills is for her. “I know I can’t afford to give as much as I’d like now – but by putting the Friends of the Blue Hills in my Will, I know that my wishes to protect the Blue Hills will be fulfilled.”

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